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We work with our Customers to understand their challenges to offer solutions specific to their needs.  Working with you, we offer focused, integrated solutions that help you to drive business and operational efficiencies.  Read about our solutions built for Energy, Automotive and Defence.



Shell is one of the leading players in the energy sector, with its main strategic focus being on energy innovation.


In response to fluctuations in global oil prices, Shell has made the decision to adopt a systems engineering approach to address inefficiencies in the way they procure systems and improve their ability to demonstrate compliance.


At the heart of this strategy is the necessity to apply requirements engineering to their engineering standards, which is where we are actively assisting Shell.


We have assisted Shell in the implementation and integration of new systems engineering processes.  The initial tasking focused on implementing tool support based on IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family requirements management software, where we devised a review process that involves round-tripping data from IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family into Excel to gather comments.


Shell is delighted with the way IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family is able to collate comments from multiple authors against the standards, so delivering immediate benefits.


Subsequent tasks were focused on training and mentoring and we have developed a full training suite packed with tools and material to help educate staff in the new processes, including IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family product training.  The training comprises interactive self-learning videos supported by coaching on demand as people start to use IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family.



We are an IBM® Gold Business Partner with an acknowledged and certified expertise with IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family.


A leading UK automotive manufacturer is an extensive user of IBM® requirements management solutions within the engineering business and, following a rapid expansion in staff, it was identified that the actual process and methodology for writing requirements within the organisation would benefit from a consolidated and coherent approach.


IBM® engaged with the organisation to create a one-day training course in the principles of requirements writing which is largely tool agnostic.  In recognition of our skills in this area and with our systems engineering training capabilities, we were requested to deliver this training course on behalf of IBM®.



We are proud to service the Defence industry in the following areas:


Platform Integrators

We support platform integrators at government and industry levels, including requirements capture and definition; specifications development and maintenance; multi-link integration issues; interoperability requirements, and test case identification.  Our testing services play a significant role in these activities.


System-of-Systems Engineering

We began our research into System-of-Systems (SOS) Engineering in 2002, most recently in partnership with the world-class School of Engineering at Durham University in the UK.  As a result of this research programme, SyntheSys has developed some unique insights into the nature of SOS that have enabled us to provide a new range of services that cover the whole SOS life cycle, including test & evaluation.


Operational Analysis

Many of our personnel are hand-picked ex-military operators, providing specialist advice and knowledge across the full spectrum of Network Enabled Capability (NEC), both in the joint and single service warfare environments.  Expertise includes: Airborne Early Warning (AEW) communications in multi-threat environments; real-time fighter data exchange in the Air Defence (AD) and Close Air Support (CAS) roles; Ground Environment data exchange and interoperability; information exchange across the Air / Maritime / Land interfaces; development of message standards for joint service operations and operational test and evaluation of platform NEC capabilities.

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