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Established in 1988 in North Yorkshire, England, our drive is to offer unique, value-added services and systems that increase the efficiency and profitability of our Customers.


We provide high quality, cost-effective technical information systems engineering services to governments and industry.  As well as integrated IBM® software solutions, we deliver military systems and training services to a spectrum of different industry sectors.  Our integrity, independence and innovation pledge has resulted in an impressive portfolio of industry success stories and we are recognised for our exceptional customer service.  We aim to provide our Customers with the best experts in our markets through selection and continuous professional development of our employees.  Read more about our company, Customers and solutions here.


A Flexible Cost Model to match a Flexible Licensing Model


Many organisations have serious challenges when it comes to systems and software development resource planning, which often means scarce resources such as server capacity, skills, and licences can be under utilised at different stages of the development cycle or, even worse, development teams find they do not have relevant access to the tools needed to complete the project.


Development capacity can change radically throughout the systems and software engineering process, which means that trying to plan resources based on forecasting is impossible.  To help bridge that gap, our flexibility does not end at a licensing stage and we take a flexible approach to license costs.  We ask for no up front fees and we have a no minimum term policy that applies to all of our licences.


Whatever your budget, we will work with you to provide the best possible capability which is enhanced by the flexibility in our licences.


Already have a Licence?


The Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) option offers flexibility to existing IBM® Customers who have already procured licences either directly or with other business partners.  The BYOL option allows you to access your existing licence via a Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure and gives you the option to utilise the cloudbaSE service package.

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